Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?


At Flying Colours we can customize your personal or corporate aircraft to meet all your rigorous requirements. As a fully integrated completion facility we can complete all aspects of a new completion in-house overseen by a highly experienced program manager.


In today’s aviation environment upgrading your aircraft interior or exterior can be a challenging process. Flying Colours has the experience and knowledge to help guide you through this procedure ensuring your desired outcome is achieved. Flying Colours will help you design and build an aircraft that reflects your vision and passion.


Flying Colours Corp is a regulatory & factory approved maintenance and manufacturing organization with over twenty five years of proven experience. Our knowledgeable team of trained technicians are standing by to provide you with systematic, thorough and comprehensive aircraft maintenance services.


Whether you require a cockpit upgrade or the latest in cabin entertainment Flying Colours has the ability and knowledge to ensure that all your avionic requirements are met in a timely fashion.


When it comes to providing our clients with new exterior paint Flying Colours leads the way in quality and added value. Whether it is function or flair, or a comfortable combination of both, as our client you can be assured of a premium quality finish.


In unison with our completion, conversion, and refurbishment capabilities Flying Colours offers a wide range of engineering services. Our professional engineering firms work meticulously with our completion and maintenance staff to ensure that every aspect of your project has the proper approvals and documentation.


A key feature in a Flying Colours completion is your ability to gain access to its interactive design capability. At Flying Colours we want you to be able to see the end result before the aircraft arrives.

Executive Conversions

It’s a good feeling when you know you have made an exceptional business decision. Especially when it involves your personal comfort. That’s why industry and corporate leaders are choosing the CRJ ExecLiner Conversion – an inspired transformation that takes a traditional CRJ and converts it into a luxuriously appointed, customized business aircraft.

Component Repair

We offer a full-service, on-site component and accessory shop ensures consistent, timely repairs of most pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic components. We also have the capability to repair your aircraft at your location. Our Level II rated Non-Destructive Testing technicians follow ASNT guidelines to guarantee the safety and reliability of your aircraft.

Special Mission

At Flying Colours, we work with various special equipment suppliers to integrate fully developed packages to meet any customers distinct requirements.